ROTU UM Academic Excursion (Philippines)

DAY 1  (25 Oct 2010)

Arrival in Clark Airport,Manila around 1430H using MAS airline (MH704). After going through custom and immigration section (cadets) while the officers met with Philippines’ representator and Malaysian Embassy in VIP lounge. After welcoming session, we are brought to our hotel, The Heritage Hotel to drop our baggage and start our first agenda, visit to Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. This place contains of all American soldiers who died in the World War 2 and the full plan to reoccupied Asia from Japanese Army. Then we had our enjoyable and tasty Arabic cuisine at Gilak Restaurant . After that, we had sightseeing around Landmark Shopping Complex and buying some handicraft from Kultura Complex.


Day 2 (26th Oct 2010)

Our first official visit to University of Perpetual Help (UPH), Manila. This institution contains of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). The incredible part was that this place contains its own flight simulator which giving great opportunity and knowledge to the cadets to handle the actual flight. Each cadet will having their own actual flight during their fourth year of academic after passing all the subject required in the silibus. This visit really open our eyes for their technology and facilities which we sure does not exist in any of our local universities.


The visit was continued to Jose Rizal University (JSU). Here, the Navy ROTC is taken place. For info, each university only held one service only. This university having a ship simulator same as our Navy been used. This is very surprising as the cadets get much more exposure than ours, which mean their university willing to invest as to get high quality student which does not depend on theory only.

In the late evening, we get a chance to visit Philippines Army Museum which held so many history of their Army which had direct connection to the building of Philippines nation. A lot of info and knowledge can be obtained here as it contains many historical story and objects. During this time, our head of delegation doing the courtesy call to the Phillippines Chief of Army. 

Day 3 (27 Oct 2010)

On this date, we were going for visit at University of Santo Tomas (UST). This university is the oldest university. In 2011, it will reach its 400 years. An army ROTC is based here. During our visit, we got a really warm welcome from this university as the ROTC coordinator had been service in Malaysia before. This university as as the oldest university in Philippines have a vast collection of artifact which had been reference for any research.


Then, we had a visit to Adamson University for its Air Force ROTC. Here, we get information that education facility in Philippines starting from kindergarden until tertiary level under the same institution.

After that, we had a visit to its Air Force Museum and get a detail briefing from the museum curator. We also get as oppurtunity to get into the World War airplanes. During this time, our head of delegation doing the courtesy call to the Phillippines Chief of Air Force 

Day 4 (28 Oct 2010)

Malaysian Embassy in Philippines are very happy to receive our visitation as we are the first delegation from Malaysia ROTU doing so. Here, we get infromation regarding the structure and function of the embassy. We also get to know the function of our military force outside of Malaysia as they preserve peace at other place under United Nation’s flag. 

In the night, we have dinner with the ambassador and to celebrate and express our thanks to all the personnel and organization that willing to help us during our visitation in Philippines.

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ROTU UM Academic Excursion (China)


The excursion to Beijing was an eye-opener to say the least. The universities visited were Peking University and China National Defense University, two very reputable institutions of higher learning in China. From our visit, we learned that, in general, Peking University selected only the best students from every district in China to enroll in its University. From our observations, the University students have high initiative to study, being creative and innovative to compete with the others after their graduation in their respective fields.

The China National Defense University is a very esteemed defense University in China. Any Chinese army officer would agree that “the China National Defense University is where the generals are born”. In our tour in the university, we have learned that a learning facility needed to be comprehensive in terms of training facilities in order to fully equip future officers to carry out their duties effectively whether in public service or being an officer in ATM. Besides the official tours to the universities, we also had the privilege of going to the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square to do a little sightseeing as well as to ‘soak up ’in the history and culture of China.

The delegation to Beijing, China had achieved its objectives. We had learnt a lot from the China Universities and had established good contacts with them. In short, this annual program is a great program as it is not only exciting and informative, but also enriched us with international experience.

PALAPES Commissioning Ceremony 2010

The Commissioning Ceremony of ROTU of Public Higher Learning Institutions 2010 was held in University Science Malaysia on 12 June 2010. There were total amount of 14 Public Universities that involved in this commission which included University of Malaya, National University of Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia, University Tun Hossein Onn Malaysia and others.

There were total 1138 of cadet officers from Malaysian Public Universities commissioning in this ceremony. 56 of University of Malaya cadet officers were among the commissioning cadet officers. University of Malaya team was consists of 3 regular officers, 4 reserved officers and 4 young officers. The cadet officers were commissioned by The DYTM Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail (Crown Prince of Perlis) on behalf of the King. The commissioning training was conducted for 2 weeks long, where the cadet officers had intensive marching and regimental based training. The marching training was a preparation for the royal parade on the day of commissioning ceremony. The cadet officers also had their Cadet’s Night where all the cadet officers from all participating universities were involved in variety of performance, as an appreciation of their 3 years of training. The cadet officer team from University Of Malaya was performing a sketch to the audience on that night.

At the day of commissioning ceremony, all the cadet officers marched into the parade stadium at 7 o’clock morning and ready for the speech from the king. After the speech, the cadet officers marched out from the parade stadium and went into the main hall at 2pm for the certificate giving ceremony. The ceremony ended after all the cadet officers had received their certificate.

PALAPES Commissioning Ceremony 2011

The Royal Commissioning Ceremony of Cadet Officers of PALAPES (Reserve Officers Training Unit, ROTU) of the Public Higher Learning Institutions of Malaysia 2011was held on 9 July 2011 in University Tun Hossein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Batu Pahat, Johor. 1108 of cadet officers from 15 universities which consisting of 811 army, 189 navy and 109 air force cadet officers participated in the Commission.

The summit of the day was the Royal Commission Parade, which was led by Junior Under Officer Norazlan bin Abdullah from UTHM and Regimental Sergeant Major PW 1 Mohd Imran bin Che from University Malaysia Sarawak. The Commision Ceremony was graced by His Royal Highness, DYMM Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. Also present in Royal Parade were His Royal Highness, Tunku Mahkota Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim; Minister of Johor, Y.A.B Datuk Hj Abdul Ghani bin Hj Othman; Deputy Minister of Defence YB Datuk Dr Abdul Latif bin Ahmad; Army General Datuk Hj Zulkifli bin Hj Zainal Abidin and Navy General, Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Hj Jaafar.

The Sultan also gave out 25 Best Cadet Awards to the best cadet from every university. Later, His Royal Highness spent a light session of tea break with the best cadets in Hall 1, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Hall, UTHM. The ceremony ended at about 3 pm after the award of Commission certificates to all cadet officers in the main hall.

ROTU UM Academic Excursion (Cambodia)


An academic excursion to Cambodia was conducted on 5th until 9th of November 2012 as the annual programefor PALAPES of University of Malaya. Brigadier General Datuk Mahadi Abdul (Assistant General of Malaysian Reserve Army) has led this excursion that was participated by PALAPES delegates which consists of officers and cadet officers. This programme was aimed at the exposure of cadet officers to the foreign culture, contribute feedbacks to University of Malaya to be used as the role model to other IPTA, enhancing their knowledge and experiences on the training units in Cambodia simultaneously internationalize PALAPES of University of Malaya. .

A lot of experiences and knowledge gained by the delegates from the visits to historical places in Cambodia such as Killing Field, Choeung Ek Memorial and Royal Palace. Killing Field locates a huge number of people that were killed and buried by the Khmer Rounge regime while The Choeung Ek Memorial was built as a monument which constitute of skulls and victims’ clothes for commemorating the history. The Royal Palace at Phnom Penh was established in 1866 for the royal residence of the king of Cambodia.

The delegates also learnt the differences between Malaysia and Cambodia in terms of military systems, education, culture and socioeconomic. Even though the socioeconomic development of Cambodia is slightly slower as compared with Malaysia, they strongly wish to become a developing country as another countries in Southeast Asia. Cambodia can be seen as a country with a lot of potential mainly in the development of economic. Therefore, Cambodian people put a lot of efforts to improve the development of their country in various aspects like social, politic and economic.

A visit to Langkawi LIMA 2013


On 28th and 29th of March 2013, PALAPES of University of Malaya received an opportunity to visit Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) which was held in Matsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC), Langkawi, Kedah. A number of 40 participants that consist of 29 cadet officers and 11 trainers was lead by Kapten Kamarul b. Zainal Abidin. The objective of this visit was to give exposure for the participants on maritime shipping technology and the latest aircraft from various countries that were participate in the exhibition. This exhibition was held every year and considered as internationally rated programme.

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