Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.

How to use this CMSAD System?
How to create a website using CMSAD System?

We provide a central Web Content Management engine (CCM edi v2.0) to help facilitate UM Responsibility Center in developing their own respective websites.Our CCM edi engine offers UM departments & research centres the option to create a distinctive look for their website.

Steps on How to get started with CCM Edi 2.0:

  • Please check available training dates from this website
  • Get an appointment via emel to with all the details below :
    > Department Name / Research Centre :
    > Preferred Training Date :
    > List prospective attendee(s):
    > please state person to contact (email / phone)
  • Please bring along the following documents during training :

  • Draft wireframe for your new website . Click here for sample
  • softcopy of sample information / content for the website

Any further enquiry please contact : +603-2246 3261 (Administrator UMWeb)
or email :