Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.

Can I apply for University of Malaya if I am currently studying in another college/university in Malaysia?

The University of Malaya will not accept applications from international students who are studying in Malaysia (Colleges/ Universities).

Will there be University of Malaya representatives receiving me at the airport upon arrival in Malaysia? Is transportation provided as well?

There will not be any representatives or transportation from the University of Malaya at the airport when you arrive. You will need to take the public transport such as taxi, KLIA Express train from KLIA to the Kuala Lumpur city on your own.

Nevertheless, International Students Centre (ISC) is organizing a pick up schedule for all new undergraduate and exchange students at the beginning of each semester. The pick-up arrangement should be done at least two weeks before arriving to Malaysia by contacting ISC staff and sending copy of the offer letter and students’ flight details.

Will I be provided with accommodation if I study in University of Malaya?

The University of Malaya does not guarantee accommodations for international students. But, the International Student Centre (ISC) can assist and help you in getting on campus accommodation if available or else by providing you with a list of hostels/apartments that you can contact.

Do I need to have English qualification to apply for University of Malaya?

The University of Malaya requires you have TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge A Level or Cambridge O Level in English qualifications. Nevertheless, if you do not have any of the above qualifications, you can still apply as usual but if your application is accepted, you will be required to provide one of the above English requirements.

 * Postgraduate accepted students only can attend the English course taught by UMCCED to fulfill the English requirements.

Will University of Malaya provide me with student visa and when can I get them?

Yes. The University of Malaya will provide you with student visa if your application is successful and when you have officially registered as a student in the university. New students are advise apply for VDR ( Visa With Reference) and arrange the visa matters with Visa Unit prior of their coming to Malaysia.

How do I obtain a transcript?

The Examinations Section requires a written and signed request in order to process and release a copy of your academic transcript. Your written request should detail your name as stated in your degree; degree awarded and year of graduation; the copies of transcripts you require; the address (est.) for posting of transcripts.

Is there a fee? How do I apply?

There is a fee for processing transcripts.

Every applicant who is applying for an Academic Transcript will be charged a fee of RM50.00. Payment must be made via Money Order or Banker’s Draft payable to the Bendahari   Universiti  Malaya and send it together with your written and signed request to the Examinations Section, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur. A copy of the applicant's Identity Card must be attached with the application. This fee includes postage to a Malaysia address. A small fee may be charged for posting transcripts to overseas addresses. Payment by credit card or in foreign currencies is NOT accepted.

How long will it take to receive my transcript?

The Examinations Section will aim to process requests within 5 working days of receipt of a signed request accompanied by the relevant fee. You will need to allow extra time for the posting of transcripts, especially to overseas destinations. At certain times the processing time may be slightly longer, for example during the Main Examination Period (May/June and Dec/Jan).

Please note that requests for transcripts of academic records prior to 1996 may take longer as these records are not computerised.

Can I request a Transcript in person?

Yes - the Examinations Section is open to the public Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 am - 5.30 pm.

You may request a transcript in person which may either be posted upon request or may be collected at an agreed date. You need to have with you your ID/ passport /student ID card when collecting your transcript.

My request is urgent. Can I fax my written request?

Requests made by fax is accepted. However transcripts will ONLY be released upon payment being made which may be Money Order sent via post or cash over the counter at the Examinations Section to the staff duty. Former graduates who are overseas should concerned that their requests will be delayed while they try to obtain Banker's Draft. It is possible for an appointed person in Malaysia to make payment (either in person or by post) on your behalf as long as you have provided their details in your written request.

Points to Note:

  • Transcript requests sent via email or requests received without a signature or the relevant fee paid in Ringgit Malaysia will NOT be processed.
  • A transcript is an official document containing the University of Malaya seal and CANNOT be emailed or faxed.
  • If you have an outstanding financial obligation to the University, your transcript will be withheld until your account is paid in full.

How can I check my status of application?

Applicants can check their application status from the following links by using their email or passport number used for application:

For undergraduate international applicants:

For Exchange international applicants:

or you may check the status of your application at our office in:

International Student Centre (ISC) 

Email : ,
03- 7967 7711 or 03- 7967 7715 

* *  For Postgraduate international applicants:

or you can contact the Institute of Graduate studies for your application status at:

Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS)
Tel: +603 - 7967 4623 / 4404 / 4528 / 4407

Note: Please provide us with your passport number for reference when calling the above phone numbers.

What are the procedures if I would like to change my program of study or major?

You can appeal to change your programmer or major only when you begin your degree programmer. To appeal, you have to write an official letter stating the reasons for your appeal. Attach your academic transcripts together with the letter and then submit all documents to the Admissions, Records and Policy Implementation Division, University of Malaya.