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University of Malaya Centre for Democracy and Election (UMCEDEL)


Political questions often attract the attention of the public; from the unemployed, small traders, professional groups to the upper ranks of the civil service. Most people view politics as something that can influence their future. They are often searching and seeking to obtain political information that is true, reliable and suitable to help them to make precise decisions. Political information that is accurate and reliable can only be obtained from academic research that uses methodology that is appropriate and precise.

It is in this spirit that the formation of the Centre for Democracy and Elections is proposed. To date an academic research centre that specialises on research in democracy and elections has not been set up in Malaysia. Although several local universities have Political Science departments, the formation of the Centre for Democracy and Elections at the University of Malaya it is hoped will be a pioneer entity that will undertake research related to democracy and elections in Malaysia. In addition, the centre hopes to also undertake research into democracy and elections in other countries in the region. This will enable the centre to undertake comparative studies to ensure that our country will not be left behind in the development of democracy and elections.  

This research centre will combine research from various disciplines such as, the geography of elections, history of elections, political sociology, media and elections, regional politics and international politics. These inter-disciplinary research it is hoped will provide more comprehensive information, analysis and views on the state of current politics in the country and well as in the region

Prof. Madya Dr. Hamidin Bin Abd Hamid

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Last Update: November 24, 2017