Water Warriors (LL002-15SUS)

Dr. Abdul Halim bin Sulaiman

1. To develop Tasek Varsiti as an open classroom site for environmental education and edu-tourism. 

2. To promote community participation in water conservation issue.

3. To document and analyse water consumption data in campus. 


Zero Waste Campaign (LL004-15SUS)

Project Leader:
Associate Prof. Dr. Sumiani Yusoff

1. To develop mechanism for the collection of UM waste disposal data (by weight/trip with destination).

2. To carry out more recycling collection days (recycling collection from students and staffs).

3. To initiate green waste shredding and windrow composting and separate collection of wood waste for energy recovery 
The RIMBA Project (LL005-15SUS)
Dr. Sugumaran Manickam


1. To protect and promote UM’s green cover in two ways:

•bringing the campus community and public into UM and Rimba Ilmu to experience campus biodiversity, and;
•bringing the forest “out” into the campus—by using forest trees in landscaping, with the long-term goal of improving green spaces on campus.

2. Treekeeping and improvement of green spaces
Smart Management of Electrical Appliances and Energy Saving using Internet of Things (LL013-16SUS)
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Anisi

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Gani
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosli Salleh
Dr. Mohd Yamani Idna Idris

1. To design and implement an IoT-based system in FSKTM that is able to manage energy consumption level efficiently and effectively by implementing the ability to optimize the use and control the state of various electrical appliances including, but not limited to, fans, lights, and doors remotely by means of an external application on a mobile platform.

2. To supplement the proposed system with the ability to dynamically detect any changes to its environment, whether due to the presence or absence of the human actor, or due to a change in weather or time, and subsequently make an intelligent decision on the state of the device linked to the system.
3.To expand the proposed system to a scale large enough to encompass an entire building, thereby allowing for a cooperative decision making model between different areas of the building, as well as introducing a singular control point for ease of use for a manual controller.
Smart Modular Electrical Energy Monitoring and Management System (LL014-16SUS)
yazed ahmad

Dr. Mohd Yazed Ahmad


Prof. Dr. Faisal Rafiq bin Mahamd Adikan
Dr. Mohd Khairi
Dr. Fathi Alias
Dr. Khairunnisa Hasikin


1. To develop modular power monitoring and management units along with sensor modules.

2. To develop a novel adaptive power saving algorithm, featuring friendly and convenient interaction between human and electrical appliances in the given room or space.

3. To conduct a case study so that the practicality and the efficacy of the proposed system can be evaluated and compared with the existing systems.

Energy Conservation Culture in UM Campus (LL015-16SUS)
Dr. Adi Ainurzaman Jamaludin

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohana Jani
Dr. Zul Ilham Zulkiflee Lubes
Dr. Fathiah Mohamed Zuki
1. To apply different approaches which emphasize on energy conservation perspective, including capacity building (workshop, seminar & forum) and documentations (electricity usage performance report, poster, reminder sticker, guidelines & brochure).   

2. To monitor the electricity consumption at selected residential colleges and to determine the reduction of electricity consumption after applying the approaches based on the Energy Efficiency Index (kWh/m2/year).  
Zero Carbon Building Assessment for UM Chancellory Building and Other UM Office Buildings (LL017-16SUS)
ali mohammed al ashwal

Dr Ali Mohammed Alashwal

Dr. Muhammad Azzam Ismail
Dr Karam Mustafa Rashid ALObaidi
Dr Karam Mustafa Rashid ALObaidi
1. To implement appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption
UM Cancer Farm Project: A Lifestyle Lab (LL018-16SUS)
loh siew yim

Associate Prof. Dr Loh Siew Yim

Dr Ng Siew Chok
Professor Dr. April Camilla

1. The aim is to support cancer survivors at post treatment phase and create community awareness of cancer prevention via healthy lifestyle. 
The Design and Investigation of A Novel Ecological Air Cleaning and Cooling System Using the Concept of A Living Green Wall (LL019-16SUS)
chong wen tong

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chong Wen Tong

Prof. Dr.  Masjuki bin Hj Hassan
Dr. Chan Chee Seng
Dr. Tey Kok Soon
Associate Prof. Dr Ngoh Gek Cheng
Dr. Nasrin Agha Mohammadi

This project presents the concepts of ecological air cleaning and cooling systems as a green approach in University Malaya campus. 

It is a combination of two concepts which is the hydroponic vertical green system (nature concept) with the utilization of hydroponic grown plants and the evaporative cooling system (engineering concept). 

The engineering technology adapted in the system is direct evaporation system principle where when the pollutant air pass through the light shower of water over hydroponic plants. It reduces the air temperature and also actively degrade air dust particles and air pollutants such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide in the air into their constituents of water
A Virtual Reality Application on Plants in University of Malaya (LL020-16SUS)

Assosciate Prof. Dr Sarinder Kaur

Professor Dr. Halijah Ibrahim
Dr. Sugumaran Manickam
Associate Prof. Dr Melasutra Md Dali

This project aims to develop a fully interactive virtual tour database system of the plants in University of Malaya, which utilizes a novel approach with easy navigation to be used by biodiversity scientists, students and plant enthusiasts to obtain new knowledge in a cost effective way. 

This novel approach could be the foundational model to cover hotspots, based on their biological importance, to cover regions within and outside the campus.
Last Update: July 12, 2018