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Design, fabrication and test of an efficient turbine blade for oscillating water column devices.

Rising demand for energy and the finite nature of conventional fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, have lead scientist to focus attention on alternate energies which are inexhaustible or renewable energy resources. Ocean wave energy is one of the more concentrated forms of renewable energy, which is an abundant energy resource, pollutant free and in the near future is likely to be economically viable. By converting into more usable forms, the ocean wave energy can give a significant contribution to the energy requirements of coastal nations, especially those with island communities.
      The system essentially consists of a capture pneumatic chamber that opens at bottom front to incident wave, an air turbine, and an electrical generator. In its energy conversion chain, the system converts wave into low pressure pneumatic energy in the form of bi-directional or oscillating air flow. An air turbine is required to extract mechanical shaft power from bi-directional airflow, which is further converted into electrical power by a generator.
     The objective of the project was achieved by producing two type of efficient turbine blade by using CFD simulation. These blades are called as uniform and non-uniform of the tip clearance. A new method of a blade fabrication and a light weight of blade material have been purposed. These could be reducing about 50 percent of manufacturing cost as well as reducing the production time.
Prototype design of turbine blades
Uniform Tip Clearances          Non-Uniform Tip Clearances

   The project has developed a lab scale of water wave simulation to test and measure the efficiency of the turbine blade design. The purpose turbine blades were also tested with our portable wave energy power generator.  This portable ocean wave energy power generator was running a field at east coast area at Pantai Bachok Kelantan and at Pantai University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) 


Ocean wave energy power generator (Pilot test at UMT beach)

Funding Sources from:
1) University Malaya (RU) - FR083/2007A
2) MOHE (FRGS) - FP042/2007C
3) MOSTI (ScienceFund) - 03-01-03-SF0306

For more information on the research, Please contact: MR. NORHAFIZAN BIN AHMAD
Last Update: March 28, 2011