College & Student Financial Management Division

The division provides financial services involving (1) management of student account including the process of recording all tuition charges and fees associated with a student’s education at the university, as well as the payments made by various parties towards those charges; (2) management of residential college financial account/report and etc.  

A student account is set up for each student at the time the student is admitted to the University in order to record details of student charges, fees and payments. Students are responsible on their student account including:

1. Reviewing own account to make sure that all charges are correct
2. Contacting the division should there notice any errors or discrepancies 
3. Paying all charges and fees by the due dates indicated

Students may use any of these payment methods in settling their fees:

(i) Internet Banking - CIMB or Bank Islam (M) Berhad (for account holder only).
Go to under Pay Bill or Bill Presentment via Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) at

(ii) FPX (Financial Processing Exchange), and Credit Card (Online)
Go to and login with username and password. Click on finance tab, choose E-Payment (FPX) or E-Payment (Credit Card).

(iii) Over The Bank Counter:
Bank Islam (M) Berhad Counters – at any branches (ensure to write student matrix number and Passport number on the payment slip

(iv) Postal Order, Money Order or Bank Draf
To be payable to ‘BENDAHARI UNIVERSITI MALAYA’ (please make copies for own reference)

Payment through bill presentment and credit card (online) will be updated within two (2) working days while payment via FPX will be updated in real-time basis. Payment through bank draft/money order and credit card will be updated once the payment is being credited by the Cash Management Division, Bursar’s Office.

Students with outstanding balances at the end of an academic term are subject to holds which will result in prevention of: sitting for an exam, printing of examination results, registration for a subsequent academic term, obtaining transcripts, or attending convocation. When a student graduates or leaves the university, transcripts will not be granted under any circumstances until students have settled the entire amount due to the university. Students are subjected to the collection policies of the University if the outstanding balances remain unpaid.

Students with credit balances may be eligible for a refund. This credit balance could be due to an overpayment or an amendment made to the student account. Students must always keep their bank information and addresses updated online in student’s portal.

Mr. Mohd Anies Sazali - Acting Principal Assistant Bursar (W48)

Last Update: October 17, 2018