UM as a premier and world leading research university in Malaysia have also actively participating in the international sustainability platform famously known as Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric World University Ranking (UIGM). In 2017, UM has reached its highest record since its first entries in the UI GreenMetric in 2011. The UI GreenMetric is an annual ranking system focusing on the current condition and policies related to green campus and sustainability in the universities all over the world. Universiti Malaya (UM) has forged a new record in the Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric 2017, moving up by 34 places (which shown 100 per cent improvement) to 34th position out of 619 participating universities. The universities are ranked based on six indicators – Setting and Infrastructure (SI at 15%), Energy and Climate Change (EC at 21%), Waste (WS at 18%), Water (WR at 10%), Transportation (TR at 18%), and Education (ED at 18%).
Last Update: October 04, 2018