Rimba Project

The RIMBA Project (RIMBA) started in late 2013 when UMCares (then the University of Malaya’s Environmental Secretariat) needed a champion for UM’s lush biodiversity, unique in the midst of the urban sprawl known as the Klang Valley. 

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Water Warrior

Water Warriors is an initiative to help revive and rehabilitate the water bodies in the campus. This project would like to introduce citizen science. Citizen science is a scientific research conducted by amateur, community or non-professional scientists. 

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Zero Waste

In year 2013, ZWC was fully funded by UM Cares. Besides organic waste diversion projects, ZWC embark into other projects/activities such as waste and recycling data collection and formed collaboration with various stakeholders inside and outside of campus such as JPPHB, UKKP (Unit of health, environment and occupation), CITRA and externally PPSPPA, Kris Biofuel (Used cooking oil collector), Zie Enterprise (largest recycling vendor of UM) and T-Pot E&E (DOE licensed e-waste collector)

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The myTreeVolution project emphasizing on “carbon offsetting” through planting of trees in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s sustainability agenda. Malaysia has pledged to reduce the carbon release to 45% by the year 2030 during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Paris 2015.

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Last Update: November 25, 2017