Upcoming Activities

Terrarium Workshops for Adults 
    The Gardens Mall, Rooftop 6th Floor, Terra Garden | Aug 4th 2018
Terrarium Aug Adult

Art Terrarium with Kids PBF (GP-BSL2) Training 2018/4
The Gardens Mall, Rooftop 6th Floor, Terra Garden | Aug 4th 2018 
Terrarium Aug Kids

CEBAR Expert Seminar Series 2/2017
Jupiter Meeting Room, Level 4, RMIC, UM | Aug 17th 2018 
Prof Hisaji NAIST
Prof Masaaki NAIST
Prof Yasumasa NAIST
Prof Carroll UQ
How to Encourage Cactus to Bloom Workshop

     PBIU, UM | Aug 18th 2018 
Cactus Aug     

Chilli Pepper Fertigation Technique Workshop
     PBIU, UM  | Aug 27th 2018  

Make Your Cactus Flower Workshop
     PBIU, UM | Sept 24th 2018  

Kokedama Workshop
     PBIU, UM | Oct 22nd 2018  

Plant Biosafety Modules
     RMIC & PBF, UM | Oct 23rd-26th 2018  

PBF (GP-BSL2) SOP Review & Pre-Audit Workshop
    PBF, UM | Nov 14th-15th 2018  

Non Conventional Banana Micropropagation Techniques Workshop
    PBIU, UM | Nov 15th 2018  

PBF (GP-BSL2) Re-certification
    PBF, UM | Dec 6th 2018  

Make Your Fig Plant Fruity Workshop
    PBIU, UM | Dec 17th 2018  

Past Activities

Last Update: August 05, 2018