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The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.


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Can we nominate a new project leader because of certain reasons?

Yes, with reasons and strong justifications on why the current project leader is unable to lead the project. A formal letter must be sent to IPPP.

Why is there delay in the funds disbursement (2nd payment and so on)?

How much funding can I use for travel?

What are the common reasons for rejection of ERGS application by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)?

Are pendrives and external hard disks is under equipment or consumables?

What is the maximum period for honorarium?

Can I buy books from research grant?

What type of equipment must be approved by PPGP before procurement process?

Who is eligible for overseas travel?

Last Update: Jul 19, 2021