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The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.


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After I have enrolled my classes for about 5 weeks, I cannot see some / all of my courses in my SPeCTRUM. However, I have registered the courses and it was visible to me previously.

These problems occur due to the method of payment of tuition fees as listed below :

  • Students pay some portion of their fees and did not make ​​a formal application for installment payments to the Treasury Department. Payment of fees is not sufficient when the expiration date has passed.
  • Students pay tuition fees beyond the period of registration.
  • Students do not pay at all while waiting for other financial means such as scholarship / Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Please contact IGS for further clarification :

  1. Mrs. Habibah Mohammed - 7967 4659 (Faculty of Education / Faculty of Economics and Administration / Institute of Asia-Europe / Institute of Graduate Studies / Sports Center)
  2. Mrs. Faridah Ithnain - 7967 4405 (Faculty of Science / Faculty of Languages and Linguistics / Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology / Faculty of Dentistry / Faculty of Built Environment)
  3. Mrs. Niyyah 'Aisha - 7967 4408 (Islamic Academy / Academy of Malay Studies / Faculty of Engineering / Faculty of Law / INPUMA)
  4. Ms. Nanthini Krisnan - 7967 4517 (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / School of Medicine / Faculty of Business and Accountancy / Institute of Educational Leadership / Cultural Center)

P/S : For any problems/difficulties in SPeCTRUM, please make a complaint through the Helpdesk System

Why is there more than one course with the same code for each session and semester?

I have a course that is active in the SPeCTRUM’s even though I did not teach these courses?

Why I cannot see my course in my SPeCTRUM’s desktop?

I am teaching the courses with the same content but with different course codes (Kod Setara). How do I make those courses as one course just so I do not need to upload the same content twice?

I am the course coordinator and I want my fellow course instructor to use my course as a teaching medium for all my students. How?

I am a course coordinator and I need my fellow instructor to teach in his own course. How do I monitor his course content?

If I have a course with more than one group, how many courses will be in my SPeCTRUM’s desktop?

How the course created in the SPeCTRUM?

Will my course be disappear after each semester ends?

Who should I contact for technical problems/difficulties?

Who should I contact for SPeCTRUM training?

What is SPeCTRUM ?

What are the procedures if I would like to change my program of study or major?

How come my students cannot reply to the course forum?

How long will my course be archived in the system?

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