SCAM Notice !! : Subject: FRAUDULENT Employment offer letter from University Of Malaya,Malaysia

NOTICE 1: Job Recruitment Fraud

University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (UM) has been made aware of unauthorised party / parties with the following details

  1. FALSELY using the university name in emails "From: Zara Recruitment :" with the subject of “Employment offer latter from University Of Malaya,Malaysia”
  2. ATTEMPT to recruit on behalf of UM and solicit up-front fees in obtaining immigration documents including visa or work permit for expatriate posting from interested job-seekers.

University of Malaya (UM) strongly DENY that it has authorised the sending of such e-mail.

University of Malaya (UM) hereby appeals to the public NOT to respond to the e-mail or any such emails.

How to recognise whether you have received FRAUD/ SCAM email :

  1. University of Malaya, official website pages always include Any other URL are fake
  2. Our On-line recruitment portal is
  3. Email communication on recruitment from University of Malaya, if any, would be sent by our officials using only e-mail domains of Any recruiter or company that corresponds from a free email account such as Yahoo, Live,  Hotmail or Gmail is very likely a scammer. Legitimate job related emails will come from corporate email accounts.
  4. University of Malaya has NEVER appointed any third party agencies to process work/residence permit visa.

Should you receive such email, please treat the communication as fraudulent ; mark the email as SPAM and forward it to:

Last Update: February 09, 2018