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We welcome you with open arms and warm hearts to our university. It is our hope and priority that all of you are well taken care of and experience the essence of the ultimate learning environment here as well as immersing yourselves in the non-academic adventure in exploring the deep heritage and culture from the diverse and vibrant melting pot of different races and religions in Malaysia. We believe that your study here can only be fully and wholesomely attained through the combination of high quality academic learning that we offer in classes as well as expanding your horizon, global view and knowledge through the non-academic programmes.

Malaysia in general is safe and peaceful with much to offer in terms of natural beauty, heritage and traditions as well as the values of tolerance and unity in diversity. To get the most out of your experience here, the local laws and customs are to be abided with and respected which will ensure a warm and amazing experience here in the heart of Asia. Decent wear is always encouraged on and off campus in accordance to local customs. With a tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year round with a particular wet and rainy season from November until the following February and a hot and dry season from June to August. Known for the unpredictable weather, an umbrella always come in handy for the unexpected downpour or for the heat. Malaysians are friendly and warm in nature with a welcoming heart with a vibrant and diverse set-up of different cultures and beliefs yet harmoniously upholding the common Malaysian spirit that binds them together.

The International Student Centre (ISC) offers an all-rounded service to the international students. Its main objective is to provide the perfect balance between academic and non-academic programs for the students to have a right platform and avenue to be exposed to our unique Malaysian culture and identity.

Programmes that are being geared towards this end include field trips and one-day trips to places of interests and of historical and cultural significance where the exchange students can learn and observe the local culture and offerings. Homestay programmes are also being organised as students are being placed with foster families to experience first-hand the various local activities and lifestyle in villages. Besides savouring local traditional food and interacting with the villagers, various other activities are lined up that reflect the rich composition of heritage and cultural values in the country.

If interested, do register early for these programmes online through the link here in ensuring places and participation. 

Last Update: Jun 17, 2019