logo_upumAs the demand to provide these services is on the increase and requires better quality professional input, the University has decided to move forward and thus formed this Unit so that it can run like any other consultancy and management industry and consequently undertake a more challenging task.The Unit is also able to have good co-ordination with various faculty members within the University. Therefore, the Unit not only undertakes a single type of professional service but can also undertake an interdisciplinary nature of work.  For more info

Innovation & Commercialisation

umcicUniversity of Malaya (UM) is committed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will accelerate the scaling of the outputs of its R&D through to their application to society; provide solutions to industry and open opportunities for high technology investment; facilitated and coordinated by UMCIC a dedicated one-stop centre. UMCIC proactively protects and manages UMs broad intellectual property portfolio with a renewed emphasis on rapid licensing to industry. We also create strategic opportunities for investment into the latest technological advancements through the creation of technology and intellectual capacity driven university startups. For more info

Community Engagement

umcaresUMCares - The Community & Sustainability Centre was ratified in April 2014 as a result of a merger between the community unit of the former Community and Industry Liaison Centre (CItRa) and the UMCARES Environmental Secreteriat. The centre signifies UM's commitment to community engagement and engagement for sustainability and is manned by a passionate, eclectic team of staff who are driven by the need to do what they can to help others. Capstone projects often evolve from personal interests, fuelled by centre support and enthusiastic collaborations with other units, centres and faculties in UM. For more info

Last Update: February 20, 2018