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ainin headshotGreetings, Explorers! It is an honour to welcome researchers to our site, the Humanities Research Cluster. The very foundations of University of Malaya reside in the Humanities, such that the study of literature, languages, history, religions, education, philosophy, writing, linguistics, anthropology, communication and many more, all have formed the foundations of research for generations. Thus, while we are a path well-travelled, we are also constantly adapting to a rapidly shifting world. At Humanities, researchers are indeed explorers, scaling new territories and discovering new meanings through complex and dynamic human experiences. The world we live in is rapidly changing, and without the studies in Humanities, we would never be able to understand those changes and subsequently prepare the society to adapt to such changes. As a sign of the changing times, Humanities research theme is currently on the “World without Conflict”. This concept reflects the dire state of the world we are currently living in, with a multitude of conflicts emerging between humans and their environments that needed more investigation and understanding in order to find the solutions to them. One of our flagship project currently underway is the UM Grand Challenge on the topic of “Towards a Progressive Society and the Capacity for Peace” where researchers are looking at various aspects of the human society to understand how Peace could be achieved or nurtured. The study of Peace is fundamentally important in recent times in the light of major human conflicts that we are experiencing around the globe.

Here at Humanities we promote the University of Malaya Research archetype of MIT (Multi-, Inter- and Trans-Disciplinary), and our cluster specifically is committed to stimulate UM researchers to seek answers to fundamental human existence and problems within the MIT research paradigm. This is inevitable as research in Humanities is a wide-ranging spectrum, spanning disciplines, centuries, human societies and the earth itself. This diversity is the strength of the Cluster, built on the excellent research traditions that UM is world renowned for. Our researchers are a reflection of our diversity with research thrust areas include interaction between Humanities and the Sciences, comparative and cross-national studies, and the translational functions of the humanities. Through this diversity and challenging endeavours, the Humanities are able to offer an array of opportunities for research, creative collaboration, real-time community engagement and other research and non-research activities that would benefit not just the academia but also the human society as a whole through the enhancement of a research culture that increases collaboration across centres, faculties and universities locally and internationally. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see more of you explorers!

Undertaking the functions of the 
Humanities Research Cluster


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Last Update: April 12, 2018