Message from the Dean

haseebThe Innovative Technology Research Cluster (ITRC), through Research University Grants of the Ministry of Higher Education, supports wide-ranging research programmes that have the potential to provide innovative solutions to industrial and societal problems. ITRC is one of six Research Clusters that were established in the University of Malaya. The mandate of the cluster is to bridge research expertise that lies at the interface of science, engineering and industrial practices in order to obtain optimal, high-impact, technologically relevant solutions to complex problems. Currently, 4 research centres is under the umbrella of the cluster.  ITRC, together with other Research Clusters, provide assistance to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) in strategic planning. 
ITRC works towards the establishment of strategic R&D alliance with industry. We are working with relevant agencies and companies in sectors including electrical and electronics, oil and gas, manufacturing, biosciences and biotechnology, construction and transportation research to foster R&D collaboration in these areas vital to the national economy.  

We work closely with researchers from different faculties including the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, and Institute of Biological Sciences. ITRC also works with the University of Malaya Centre for Innovation and Commercialization to foster innovation.   ITRC also works to create a platform for researchers from different disciplines including physical sciences, engineering, information technology,  and to interact among themselves in an effort to explore innovative solutions to a host of contemporary issues.  We currently support research in broad areas including, energy sciences, manufacturing, advanced materials, information and communication technology, material processing, nanotechnology and catalysis, separation science, photonics, image and signal processing, construction technology, applied biomechanics and applied electronics.

We are currently funding 4 types of grant; Grand Challenge, Flagship, UMRG Project and UMRG Programme with a total of 52 programmes. ITRC thanks all stakeholders for their support and looks forward to establishing more productive and mutually beneficial relationships in the future.


Innovative Technology Research Cluster
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Last Update: February 23, 2018