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Today, the issue of environment and sustainability poses a challenge faced by all communities in the world. Sustainability Science has its origins in the concept of sustainable development as proposed by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) in 1987 aims to achieve the status of sustainable and balanced society and well-being between physical development and environmental protection. In tandem with such progress and demands, efforts to enhance sustainability science discipline is also increased in the academic field in a form of course offerings, academic publications, and research in multi-field contributed to the sustainability science.

Sustainability Science Research Cluster or in shorts SuSci at the University of Malaya which was established in 2009, plays a role as a catalyst to manage and encourage research and initiatives in a holistic and comprehensive manners which integrates social, economic and technical approaches. SuSci Research Cluster aims to be an internationally recognized cluster in transdisciplinary research for sustainability. In order to achieve such vision, SuSci put its focus on developing quality research to meet the challenges of sustainable development for the society. This is line with its tagline ‘Sustainable for life’ which reflects its working mechanism and foundation of its establishment.

One of the unique features of SuSci is to enhance research culture in the university through collaboration across disciplines and faculties; in line with the current trends of research which promote integration and smart partnership in order to prevent in-silos research culture. This initiative was implemented through research grants manned by SuSci which are UMRG-Project, Flagship, UMRG-Program and Grand Challenge. In 2015, a new innovative mode of research program has been developed under joint collaboration of two deputy vice-chancellors (Research & Innovation and Development) namely University of Malaya Living Lab (UMLL). UMLL program is an action-oriented and translational research grant which combine research and sustainable campus transformation plan and focuses on eight (8) core pillars as stated in the UM Eco-campus Blueprint. The aim of this grant is to ensure inclusivity and holistic participatory of UM community towards the establishment of eco campus in the near future.

Today, working in-silos is not the way we should run our ‘business’. With the presence of Sustainability Science Research Cluster in University of Malaya, we hope that SuSci could play its vital role as one of the important research ‘arms’ of sustainability. Lastly, thank you for visiting our website and your interest in Sustainability Science Research Cluster. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us.

"Sustainable for Life"

Sustainability Science Research Cluster

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