Molecular Genetics And Ecological Studies On Medically Important Dipterans For Vector Control Program In Malaysia (RP003-13SUS)

Abstract : 

Vectors of human and animal pathogens typically are complexes of evolutionarily and ecologically distinct cryptic species, for which accurate identification is an essential first step in the epidemiological understanding and control of arthropod-borne diseases. The vectors surveillance and evaluation of vector distribution associated with rainfall, relative humidity and temperature were conducted across the country. The abundance of vectors are correlated well meteorological factors. The vectors of dengue, Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus, and vectors of Japanese encephalitis, Culex vishnui and Cx. quinquefasciatus were found resistant towards various type of adulticides and larvicides. On the other hand, this study revealed that insect growth regulators provide promising results and can be used to control field population of mosquitoes. In addition, the vector of filariasis, black flies also exhibited resistant against various insecticides, except propoxur. The phylogenetics and systematics of the medically and veterinary important dipteran were studied in the present study using a multilocus approach (mitochondrial and nuclear markers). The results indicate the presence of cryptic species and extensive diversification in the studied taxa. Additionally, the team also synonymize the names of certain vectors based on morphological and molecular evidence. They also managed to provide significant insights into the evolution and adaptation of the Malaysian mosquitoes. This study has documented the first field-evolved instance of 1014F, G119S, A302S mutations (alteration of target sites) which confer to insecticide resistance in Malaysian mosquitoes (i.e., Aedes and Culex). The findings of this study could be utilized in the implementation of strategic measures in vector control programs in Malaysia.

 As of June 2016, total of 55 ISI articles were published from this study (60% of the articles are Tier 1(Q1) journals) and a book by international publisher. This program have also signed 4 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 3 universities in Indonesia and 1 in Thailand. 

Sustainable Living Transformations For Future Malaysian Generation (RP007-13SUS)
anuar aliasProgram Leader:

Abstract :

Sustainable living is a hot topic in the world today. Sustainable living means living a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible and causes the least amount of environmental damage for future generations to deal with. The main aim of this research program is to determine the aspirations of 1Malaysia Generation, for their sustainable living needs and options and whether current policies and practices are in placed to support their needs. This research program attempts to understand that new generation in Malaysia has different needs and their living options are different from previous generation. Most importantly, living options for the 1Malaysia Generation are not “one size fits all”. This research program focused into six main areas namely; construction life cycle costing, neighbourhood index, building maintenance and deterioration aspect of sustainable living, mass customization in house building, assessment of sustainable housing affordability and knowledge management for sustainable living transformations which includes on the aspects of institutional frameworks, policies, rules and regulations and guidelines.

Understanding Air-Ocean-Land Interactions for Coastal Community Security (RP001-13SUS)
hanafi hussin

Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader:

Dr. Hanafi Bin Hussin

(Title: Documenting Local Knowledge for Enhancement of the Livelihoods)

Sub-Program 2: Assoc. Prof. Datin Dr. Mary George
(Title: An Analysis of the Legal and Environmental Implications of IMO’S Marpol Annex VI and IMO’S Market based Mechanisms to Control Exhaust Emissions from Shipping in Malaysian Ocean Coastal and Communities)

Sub-Program 3: YBhg. Prof. Dato' Dr. Azizan Bin Hj Abu Samah
(Title: Demonstration Of A Pilot Network Of Sensors For Atmospheric Chemistry Studies In Malaysia)

Sub-Program 4: Assoc. Prof.Dr. Lee Choon Weng
(Title: Investigating Phosphorus Limitation In Aquatic Habitats)

Sub-Program 5: Dr. A. Sasekumar
(Title: Trophic Connections Between Inshore Fisheries And Jeram Polychaete Reef (Sustainable Fisheries))
Sustainable Process, Technology and Management for Promoting Resource and Energy Efficiency (RP008-13SUS)
Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader : 
Prof. Dr. Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman
(Title : Resource Recovery and Treatment of Produced Water from Oilfield Production by Membrane Technology)

Sub-Program 2 Leader : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lai Sai Hin
(Title : A Study on Fine Sediment Transport and Removal in Stormwater Retention Pond for Sustainable Management)

Sub-Program 3 Leader : Prof. Dr. Shaliza Ibrahim
(Title : Effective and Economic Treatment of Textile Wastewater using Magnetically Active Palm-based Activated Carbon)
Development of Common Sensor Platform for Rapid Manufacturing of Accurate Chemical and Bio-Chemical Sensors (RP011-14SUS)
fauziah shahul
Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader:
Dr. Fauziah Shahul binti Hamid
(Title: Landfill Leachate Pollution and Associated Soil Bioremediation)

Sub-Program 2: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sharifah binti Mohamad

(Title: Distribution of Heavy Metal in Leachate Contaminted Soil)

Sub-Program 3: Dr. Khanom Simarani
(Title: Microbial Diversity Profiling of Landfill Leachate and Leachate Contaminted Soil)

Heavy Metal Remediation for Leachate Contaminated Soil from a Closed Landfill (RP012-14SUS)
yatimah alias

Program Leader & Sub- Program 1 Leader :
Professor Dr. Yatimah Alias

(Title: The fabrication and Development of Polymeric Ion Selective Electrodes for Determining a Number of Anions and Cations in Environmental and Agricultural Samples)

Sub- Program 2 Leader : Dr. Woi Pei Meng
(Title: Development of Highly Selective Divalent Cation Sensors for Precision Agriculture)

Pollution Loading Reduction of Grey- Water (RP013-15SUS)
zubaidah ismail
Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader:

Prof. Dr. Zubaidah Binti Ismail
(Title: Environmental Aspect of Pollution Loading Reduction of Grey-water)

Sub-Program 2: Dr. Ong Zhi Chao
(Title: Mechanical Aspect of Pollution Loading Reduction of Grey-Water)

Sub-Program 3: Associate Prof. Dr. Jas Laile Suzana Binti Jaafar
(Title: Social Aspect of Pollution Loading Reduction of Grey-water)

Direct and Fast Detection of Persistence Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Malaysia Aquatic Environments: Sensor Application, Potential Water Quality Assessment Tools and Risk Assessment (RP014-15SUS)
Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader: 

Dr. H.N.M Ekramul Mahmud
(Title: The fabrication of portable biosensor for highly sensitive POPs detection in the Malaysian aquatic environement)

Sub-Program 2: Prof. Dr. Rosli Bin Hashim

(Title: Water quality assessment of Malaysia Aquatic Environment Based on Analytical Approaches)

Sub-Program 3: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Bin Mohamed
(Title: Characterizing the potential human health risk of POPs from consumption of seafood and exposure to contaminated sediments and water in Malaysia aquatic environment)

Building for the Future : Affordability standards and performance through the application of BIAS (Building Integrated Affordable Solution) Model

Image result for Associate Prof. Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
Program Leader : Associate Prof. Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman

Sub- Program 1 : Dr. Zairul Nisham Bin Musa
(Title: Community Wellbeing within the Affordability Issues)

Sub-Program 2: Dr. Sr. Nor Haniza Ishak
(Title: Quality Affordable Housing : Developing Criteria For Space Design Standard)

Sub-Program 3: Dr. Nurshuhada Zainon
(Title: Value Management and Cost Modelling for Affordable Building) 

Sub-Program 4: Dr. Nik Elyna Myeda Nik Mat
(Title: Developing A Maintenance Application Tool : Driving Affordable Operation and Building Maintenance)

Sub-Program 5:  Associate Prof. Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
(Title: Effect of Inclusive Environment On Occupant Satisfaction In Reengineered Affordability Building)

Sub-Program 6 : Dr. Noor Suzaini Binti Mohamed Zaid
(Title: Building Control Innovation: Policy And Legislative Review On Malaysian Affordable Housing Construction)

Towards Net-Zero Energy PV/T Integrated Residential Building in Malaysia (RP016-15SUS)

Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader: 

Dr. Md.Hasanuzzaman 
(Title: Impact of PV/T on Net-Zero Energy Residential Building in Malaysia)

Sub-Program 2: Prof. Dr. Nasrudin Abd Rahim
(Title: Development of Zero Energy Cooling System for Solar Photovoltaics)

Sub-Program 3: Associate Prof. Dr. Jeyraj A/L Selvaraj
(Title: Monitoring and Control of a Grid- Connected PV System on Residential Buildings)
Sustainable Floral Biodiversity Mapping of Bukit Fraser and Water Resource Assessment (RP017-15SUS)

Program Leader & Sub-Program 1 Leader: 

Dr. Nisfariza Mohd Noor
(Title: Hyperspectral species identification and Mapping of Bukit Fraser Forest)

Sub-Program 2: Prof. Dr. Rosli Bin Hashim
(Title: Forest Ecology and Management of Bukit Fraser)

Sub-Program 3: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faridah Othman
(Title: Hydrological and water quality Assessment of Bukit Fraser)
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