University of Malaya Research Ethics Committee (UMREC)


The University of Malaya Research Ethics Committee (UMREC) undertakes ethics review of all research involving human participants including funded and unfunded research which is non-medical.

The UMREC conducts an ethics review prior to the beginning of any research involving human participants. The UMREC examines the ethics components of the research such as, sound methodology, possible risks to the subjects, recruitment of subjects, consent from the subjects, confidentiality or anonymity for the subjects, the way in which the data is handled, and how feedback can be provided for the subjects.

More information is available in the following documents:

1)  Code of Research Ethics
2)  University of Malaya Manual of Responsible  Research

Application of UMREC-NM:

For staffs:

1) Staff of University of Malaya apply directly through UM Portal:

          a. Log in to UM Portal

          b. Click on the "Research" tab 

          c. Click on "Research Ethics Application (Non Medical)" tab

          d. Click on "New Application" tab

2) Please make sure to upload the necessary attachments with your application:

            a. Participants information sheet

            b. Consent form

            c. Questionnaire/ Interview guide

            d. Brief research proposal to complement the application (Optional)


For students:

1) Student apply manually by submitting the forms directly to the UMREC-NM office.

2) The UMREC-NM forms can be downloaded directly from this website.

3) Please print/photocopy all the documents using 2 sides of the A4 papers (duplex printing).

4) All the application forms should be computer typed. Handwritten forms will be totally rejected.

5) Please make sure that your submission is complete following this checklist:

          a. Application form

          b. Participant information sheet

          c. Consent form

          d. Questionnaire/ interview guide

          e. Brief research proposal 

6) Students are also required to submit a copy of PDF of their application to UMREC email at Please save the completed Application form, Participant Information Sheet, Consent form, Questionnaire/ interview guide and Brief research proposal in ONE PDF file. To do so, kindly follow these simple steps:

         a. Please arrange the Application form, Participant information sheet, Consent form, Questionnaire/ interview guide and Brief research proposal accordingly in ONE file.     
         b. Please click 'Save As' and 'Save as type' PDF and name the File as :

             "UMREC_Application_(your name)" e.g. UMREC_Application_Ali


Important: Please make sure that your submission is complete prior to the checklist. The submission is considered "valid" when both the softcopy and hardcopy of the completed sets of the applications are sent to the office. The UMREC-NM will strictly reject and will not entertain any incomplete submissions.


7) Closing dates  for application submission as follows : 





2 January 2019


4 February 2019


1 March 2019


1 April 2019


2 May 2019


3 June 2019


1 July 2019


1 August 2019


3 September 2019


1 October 2019


1 November 2019


2 December 2019



 Amendment for ethics application:

1) For amendment to research project, kindly use the "Amendment Form" (printed hardcopy) and submitted directly to the UMREC-NM office.

2) Please address/ rectify to all the comments inquired by the UMREC-NM panel. Failure to do so will make your application for amendment to be rejected.

3) Please print all the forms and necessary documents using 2 sides of the A4 papers (duplex printing).



For research projects/ studies involving:

·  Patients

·  Medical records/ clinical data

·  Clinical trials


please proceed to the Medical Research Ethics Committee (MREC), University of Malaya Medical Centre for ethics application.

Contact Us

Assoc. Prof. Selina Khoo Phaik Lin
University of Malaya Research Ethics Committee-Non Clinical (UMREC)

Address: Pusat Perkhidmatan Penyelidikan (PPP)
                 Tingkat 2, 
                 Institut Pengurusan & Perkhidmatan Penyelidikan (IPPP)
                 University of Malaya
                 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person  : Ms. Aufzalina
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Last Update: February 20, 2019