Green House Project


 This special project, the brainchild and vision in promoting community engagement projects by our Vice Chancellor, Tan Sri Professor Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin, has resulted in the building of a low cost model house incorporating green technology using construction materials costing less than RM 20,000. Among the research findings which have shown great potential include partial and full cement replacements using materials like palm oil fuel ash (POFA), palm oil clinker (POC) ash, rice husk ash (RHA), and coal bottom ash (CBA). The production cost of concrete can also be significantly reduced by promoting the use of these industrial wastes and this in turn could reduce the cost of building materials. Waste materials such as POC, slag, POC ash and quarry wastes were introduced in the brick system as well as the foundation of the low cost house.


Researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ubagaram Johnson Alengaram, Dept. Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Graduate Employability Through English


 This project addresses the findings of previous research whereby employers considered many of Malaysian graduates are unemployable on account of low English Language proficiency; more specifically poor communication skills in English. The plan is for a systemic reform of the English Language programme over ten years, specifying target levels on the CEFR scale for each stage of education to facilitate progress monitoring. In accordance with international research findings, the focus will be on producing high calibre teachers with good English proficiency and teaching expertise, using quality materials designed for differentiated learning in supportive English-rich learning environments.


Researcher: Prof. Dr. Zuraidah Mohd Don, Dept. English Language, Faculty of Languages & Linguistics

A Study of Conflict between Human and Selected Wildlife Species (Macaca Fascicularis and Sus Scrofa) in Peninsular Malaysia


 Among increasing issue of human-wildlife conflict in Malaysia is the lack of awareness among public. Wildlife Department (PERHILITAN) had listed 29 species of wildlife that have potential to cause conflict with human. Unfortunately, data on human-wildlife conflict is not well documented and public reports have been constantly used as main source of record. Field visits will be conducted to various areas regarded as hotspots of human-wildlife conflict in Peninsular Malaysia. Information gathered from this analysis will be used to formulate appropriate strategies in conservation of wildlife species and reducing human-wildlife conflict.


Researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosli Ramli, Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science.

Empowering Women and Youth in Promoting Peace


 Women and youth tend to be made vulnerable as they are seen as “passive” actors in society building. This research is intended: 1) to examine the unique role of women and youth in peace effort and reconciliation process; 2) to evaluate the good practices and lessons learned that can be drawn from women and youth organizations/ initiatives in building peace globally and locally; 3) To analyze policies in order to ensure the full participation of women and youth in building peace and 4) To develop training courses for women and youth in promoting peace.


Researcher: Prof. Datin Dr. Raihanah Haji Abdullah, Dept. Syariah and Law, Academy of Islamic Studies

Building Peace through Intercultural Education and Interfaith / Dialogue Ethnic Relation


 The ultimate goal of peace education is for individuals to cultivate peace among themselves (intrapersonal peace), individuals (interpersonal peace), groups (intergroup peace), and countries, societies, and cultures (international peace). The objectives are (1) to develop new curriculum model of peace education based on the multiple-ethnic cultural contexts, (2) to develop new modules of peace education and (3) to implement selected programs of Intercultural Education for improvement. To date, the project has conducted several activities for peace education involving case studies, awareness campaigns and communal activities.


Researcher: Prof. Dr. Saedah Siraj, Dept. Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Faculty of Education.

Last Update: November 24, 2017