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Community Engagement

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As a top ranking university in Malaysia, UM has made great strides in institutionalising not only excellent academic programmes but also university-community engagement projects. These community  projects must address local community needs and societal problems leveraging on technology developed through research and expertise within the campus community for possible solutions.

Together the UM community feeds off an adrenaline high of giving back to ensure that we remain well-grounded, empathetic and active citizens. UM’s work with communities helps them through skills development, alternative income opportunities, community spirit-building, sustainable options for nutrition and food sources, as well as recreation. UM Community programmes help the community to move forward in life and a provision to better living.

In terms of international community engagement network, UM had became a member of several renowned institutions including a member of Taillores network-, The Asian-Pacific Community Engagement Network (APUCEN)-  and Asian University engage (AUN)-


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Last Update: Jul 19, 2021