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UM in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

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UM as a premier and world leading research university in Malaysia have also actively participating in the international sustainability platform famously known as Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric World University Ranking (UIGM). UI GreenMetric is an annual world university ranking system focusing on the current condition and policies related to green campus and sustainability in universities all over the world.

Universiti Malaya (UM) climbs up to number 32nd World's Most Sustainable University in the recent announcement of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings (UIGM) 2020. The University has consistently improved its performance by moving up two (2) places from last year with an increment of overall score by 2% to 81%. Time and again, UM has consistently proven its campus sustainability credibility by being the 5th Most Sustainable University in Asian region and maintained its position as Asia's Most Sustainable University in City-Centre Setup for 4 consecutive years since 2017.

According to UIGM, UM is clustered within the top 10.7% (98 universities) with GOLD recognition performance. UM has shown consistency and improvement on its rank in the following six (6) indicators, namely -  Water Management (100%, consistent), Education and Research (Sustainability) (95.8%, consistent), Waste Management (87.5%, increment by 4.2%), Transportation Management (81.9%, consistent), Setting and Infrastructure (73.3%, consistent), and Energy and Climate Change (58.3%, increment by 5.9%). 

Among other notable achievements in 2020: UM is recognized among the Best Water Management in Malaysia and Best Waste Management in Malaysia. 

UI GreenMetric World University Rankings provide an online assessment on annual campus sustainability performance participated by 912 universities (an increment by 132 as compared to 2019) from 84 countries. There are 6 indicators namely: Setting and Infrastructure (15%), Energy and Climate Change (21%), Waste Management (18%), Water Management (10%), Transportation Management (18%), and Education and Research (Sustainability) (18%).  

Universiti Malaya would like to congratulate and thank all staff and students for their hard work, dedication and support in realizing the aspiration of 8 Core Areas of Universiti Malaya Eco-Campus Blueprint (UMECB) namely: Biodiversity and Landscape Management, Waste Management, Water Management, Energy Management, Transportation Management, Green Procurement, Education Management (Environment & Climate Change), and Change Management (Governance, Communication and Participation) and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by embedding these elements and action plans in our research, education, operation, services, governance and leadership. Our appreciation also goes to all members of UIGM Coordination Committee and UM Living Labs team under the purview of UM Sustainability & Living Labs Secretariat (UMSLLS) for their undivided support. 

Your strong and continuous support has contributed significantly to the University's achievement throughout these remarkable years. UM's main goal is to strive for excellence by benchmarking itself against outstanding universities such as the Top 3 World's Most Sustainable Universities (Wageningen University & Research of Netherlands, University of Oxford of UK, and Nottingham University of UK) with a mission to continuously transform the University as a truly sustainable and low-carbon campus for the benefits of UM community. Sustainability is not for the Institutes of Higher Education to compete among themselves in rankings, but sustainability is the good thing to do in order to prepare us in dealing with adversities of climate change and pandemic. Sustainability should be our new normal. 

We call each and everyone of you, staff and students, to be part of the change, to be the sustainability ambassador and agent of change at your respective PTj and community! We welcome all of you to join our campus sustainability journey ahead! Let's make UM the pride of the Nation's sustainable higher education on par with its excellent track records on the academic and research arena, insya-Allah. 

Once again, our heartiest congratulations and thank you to all!


Last Update: May 17, 2021