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Universiti Malaya and NCS Science have announced a groundbreaking project titled "Sonochemical Extraction of Pandanus Amaryllifolius and Its Encapsulation." Pandan leaves, cherished for their aromatic and medicinal properties, hold a significant place in our culture. With financial backing from NCS Science, Universiti Malaya is set to explore the scientific aspects of pandan extraction, aiming to revolutionize industries and enhance the quality of life.

The collaboration between Universiti Malaya's academic excellence and NCS Science's cutting-edge expertise promises insights and innovations that transcend traditional boundaries. Professor Ir. Dr. Kaharudin Dimyati, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), expressed the honor and privilege of marking a significant step forward for Universiti Malaya. He emphasized that the partnership signifies a union of expertise, a fusion of academia and industry, and a commitment to innovation and progress.

“The project focuses on the research and commercialization of natural products, a field with vast potential for innovation, sustainability, and health impact. The collaboration is poised to set an example of the positive outcomes achievable when academia and industry join forces for societal betterment,” he added.

Ms. Ng Jia Yiing, Senior R&D Executive at NCS Science, highlighted the company's role as a driving force for healthcare brands and announced an exciting new venture related to the Pandan plant. The project aims to explore the medicinal benefits of Pandan, aligning with NCS Science's commitment to innovation and the healing properties of nature.

“The collaboration between NCS Science and Universiti Malaya includes site visitations, student involvement, and participation in career fairs and talks. NCS Science anticipates gaining valuable insights into the medicinal benefits of the Pandan plant through Universiti Malaya's esteemed research capabilities. The company is equally dedicated to commercializing the results, ensuring the research's broader reach and meaningful impact on people's lives,” said Ms Ng Jia Yiing.

The Deputy Director of UM Centre of Innovation & Enterprise, Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Aznul Qalid bin Mohd Sabri, emphasized that the collaboration would contribute to the scientific community's knowledge and provide tangible benefits for industries and individuals.

“NCS Science's commitment to innovation and commercialization is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring the project's outcomes positively impact the market and lives. In conclusion, the collaborative journey between Universiti Malaya and NCS Science is celebrated as a union of academia and industry, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the entrepreneurial spirit. The collaboration is positioned to inspire future partnerships, showcasing the immense possibilities that arise when united for the greater well,” he said.

Last Update: Feb 05, 2024