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Universiti Malaya (UM), in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea, announced on Samsung Technology Track (the "STT") the first workforce development program for master's degree in the field of semiconductor industry. This collaboration by enabling future generations to "Empower People" is not just an aspiration, it is a promise to continue helping people fulfill their true potential for a better future.

By establishing a workforce development program, titled Samsung Semiconductor Technology (“STT”), which provides scholarships and stipends to selected students to obtain Master's degree programs at UM in the semiconductor industry. UM shall develop and implement "STT" by instructing their employees, agents, contractors and other personnel to implement "STT" in order to achieve the objective targets set by both parties.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) of Universiti Malaya, Professor Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh Kuldip Singh, in his speech during the event, said that he is immensely honored to preside over this inaugural event, marking a new chapter for Universiti Malaya in its collaborations with leading innovators in the international industry. This momentous occasion signifies not just a ceremony but a symbolic leap towards a future where academic and real-world applications converges seamlessly.

“It is important for the next generation to be equipped with the basic skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to adapt to technological changes and benefit from new opportunities created by technology. In addition, "we believe in their potential to reach new levels of innovation, and to develop solutions that change society. And Samsung is committed to helping them achieve this goal through the educational programs we run such as "STT", he said.

"STT" will enable participating students to specialize in the semiconductor industry and improve their capabilities, knowledge and skills related to integrated circuit design, semiconductor materials, semiconductor manufacturing and characterization. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their proficiency in the Korean language.

The representative of the DS Division at Samsung Electronics, Korea said that this signing ceremony will be an important milestone in the new collaboration between Universiti Malaya and Samsung Electronics as we take another step forward towards advance semiconductor development.

“I believe that the foundation for Samsung Electronics to become the world's leading semiconductor company began with discovering and supporting excellent talent. Outstanding talents provide Samsung with technical ideas, offer breakthroughs to new paradigms, and are becoming leaders in our semiconductor industry. We also look forward to the day when the excellent students of Universiti Malaya leap to become the next generation leaders in the semiconductor field through this program,” he added.

In short, according to Deputy Dean of Research from the Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Tan Chou Yong, the "STT" period will be extended until the graduation of all  selected students to ensure graduation.

“We believe this "STT" program is an ideal platform for students to be exposed to technology; and utilize their full potential through the use of technology. It is also an opportunity to engage and encourage students' curiosity while engaging in this program and able creating differences in society and the country," he said.

Last Update: Feb 27, 2024